And now the next episode in my continuing ad hoc series on the hidden merits of the Daily Sun (part one is here). One story that you can read about a lot in the Daily Sun and little elsewhere is the persistence of vigilante justice in many townships and villages. This is, in many ways, a legacy of Apartheid where distrust of government-sponsored police led to community-based policing strategies.

I’ll aim for a little variety and admit that this story is not the sole domain of the Sun. The Durban-based Daily News reports today on some of the twists that the struggle to enforce community justice entails:

Mxolisi Mkhize, 21, the community policing forum member shot dead while pursuing suspected robbers in KwaMashu’s M Section on Tuesday, had been a member of the forum for only two days.

His aunt, Nonhlanhla Mkhize, 41, said Mkhize had decided to join the CPF as he had been a victim of crime far too often.

In April, he was robbed and stabbed on his way to work.

“They took all his clothes, and left him wearing his underwear,” his aunt said on Wednesday.

“After humiliating him like that, they still stabbed him. He told us that he was fed up with the escalating crime in the area, and that is when he joined the CPF.”

Forum members were patrolling the area on Tuesday morning when they saw five men robbing a man.

They rushed to assist the man, and the gang fired at them. Mkhize was wounded in the head and an off-duty policeman in the stomach. Mkhize died on the way to hospital.

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This hits the mark exactly. Especially for pointing out that, in some important respects, the Daily Sun is the most relevant newspaper in South Africa. I’ll drop that bomb and defend it tomorrow. More later…